Doing by Doing

Nathalie Broizat

30.10 > 01.11.20

CN D Lyon

Nathalie Broizat is putting on an intensive and immersive workshop of DbD – Doing by Doing – allowing for an in-depth and progressive experience of each aspect of performance, through exercises, outreach and research phases, and the instant creation of short pieces. As a choreographer and performer, Nathalie Broizat directs the Compagnie Love Labo. She also performs for Marco Berrettini, Anna Gaïotti, Laura Sellies & Amélie Giacomini. She is currently working on the creations of Caroline Breton and Anne Rebe-schini. After taking on the mantle of Rachel Rosenthal’s DbD method, she merged it with her own tools, and applies them to the fields of creation and instruction.