Martine Pisani

Bouillir le vide, un récital

10 > 12.12.20

CN D Pantin

The freshness of beginnings, opening, a new departure. After UNDATED (2017), which condensed an artistic career of almost twenty-five years, with bouillir le vide, un récital Martine Pisani is placed before an (almost) empty page. Presences and absences, beginnings and continuities, are immediately at work in the writing of this new piece with and for the performer Christophe Ives, a long-standing collaborator. Martine Pisani fully invests the musicality of the recital by amplifying the presence of the soloist and their environment, to imagine a series of beginnings. Drawing attention towards what is unpredictable, jointly experiencing fragility and freedom are all strong yet vacillating movements that seek to recover all the power of an uprising in choreographed gestures.