Federica Folco / Colectiva Periférico

Proyecto tango

© Sandra Marroig
© Sandra Marroig

12 > 14.03.20

CN D Pantin

By setting the collective at the heart of their projects, Federica Folco and his collaborators conceive choreographic schemas that act as a series of levers for taking social action. While exploring the complexity of human relations, they seek together to create the right conditions to form a bond of solidarity or coexistence, as opposed to the dominant individualism in contemporary societies. By appropriating forms of popular art, in this case the codes of tango, Periférico proyecto also activates a radical deconstruction of the hegemonies that influence his practice. The point is to seek liberation from colonial, sexist, classist and racist consciousnesses so as to be rid of hierarchies, rather than to aim at technical virtuosity in a performance. As a special means of expression for desire and sensuality, tango in this case breaks above all away from the heteronormative representations conveyed by the music, words and dance so as to produce new subjectivities, in a proximity of bodies and their synergy.

Dance teacher, artist and activist, Federica Folco develops group projects that attempt to deconstruct the logics of domination and domestication of bodies through dance, including and Committed, subversive and emancipating, his work above all mobilises popular dance and participatory practices so as to act concretely in both political and social fields.