Julie Tavert

Dance – Circus / Dancing acrobatics

18 > 20.05.20

CN D Lyon

Explore the richness of the links between dance and acrobatics, see how to be liberated from effort and technical prowess and instead adopt release, sensibility and the organic...

Julie Tavert is an acrobat-dancer. She graduated from the Centre National des Arts du Cirque. She has worked with Arpad Shilling, Nedjma Benchaib, Fabrice Melquiot… She has created Je suis nombreuse [I am Legion], with Charlotte Lagrange (2015); Souffle [Breath], with Florence Caillon (2016); and participated in the upcoming creation of Mathurin Bolze, Les Hauts Plateaux [The High Plateaux]. Since 2017, she has also been transmitting her research into acro dancing.