Malika Djardi


30 & 31.03.20

CN D Lyon

Malika Djardi proposes an exploration of the notions of misappropriation, seeing and spectacular commitment, in connection with her next creation, Pier 7, a dialogue about the practice of skateboarding.

After training in contemporary dance at the UQAM Montreal, then the CNDC in Angers, Malika Djardi has in particular performed for Mélanie Perrier, Joris Lacoste, Ola Maciejewska, Robert Whitman and Pierre Droulers. With her first piece, Sa prière [Her Prayer] (2014), she initiated a research into the question of performance as a documentary object. She then created Horion, and 3. She is benefiting from a creation residency at the CN D in Lyon in 2019-2020.