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Katerina Andreou


© Patrick Berger
© Patrick Berger

04 > 06.12.19

CN D Pantin

A body that borrows. A body engraved in the very instant. Katerina Andreou, in her second solo which has been conceived as an extension of her first piece (A Kind of Fierce, 2016), returns to her style with an energy which is as explosive as it is contained, with movements closely anchored to the ground. Poised on a riser, she is alone with a vinyl turntable and this request: “We need silence for the piece” which emerges in luminous letters at the back of the stage. The soundtrack, which she conceived with Éric Yvelin and pressed on a vinyl which she activates at the beginning of the piece, recalls house music. Katerina Andreou has decided to embody this hybrid music, which uses samples allowing for incursions into varied fragments and a continuous bass line. Her dance is based on a choreographic structure punctuated by what she calls regular gestural “rendezvous” which, for each performance, create the possibility for gestures to arrive at such a moment. This compositional method raises the following question: what is the origin of a gesture?