Volmir Cordeiro


Trottoir © Margaux Vendassi
Trottoir © Margaux Vendassi

10 > 12.12.19

CN D Pantin

How to play back our relations with freedom? With Volmir Cordeiro, the pavement becomes a space for circulation, mimetics and fiction, whose horizon provides the possibility to reinvent the community experience. It is an explosion of joy, borders and trances to which the spectators are invited. As an extension of Rue, his duet with the dancer and percussionist Washington Timbó (2015), and his latest group piece L’œil la bouche et le reste (2017), which works at perceiving through a play of attentiveness that famous fourth wall that opposes the stage and the hall, Trottoir takes on in a different way this question of frontality through the activation of a delirium to be shared. The six dancers with faces and bodies covered by coloured tights, at the pace of the different musical sequences and moved by an overflowing energy, come together, disperse, mingle, so as to open places for the dance to be placed. The spectators are drawn into diving into the belief in play, a laboratory of revolt, a moment of suspension, which allows for a deconstruction of the relationship with norms, whether this comes from the theatre or our daily lives. Through fiction and grotesque disguises, the choreographer offers a context which is shattered and unifying, in which everyone can expose themselves.