Fanny de Chaillé

Désordre du discours

© Marc Domage
© Marc Domage

22.10 & 04.11.19

Grand amphithéâtre de l’université Lumière Lyon 2, Amphi X de l’université Paris-8

After Michel Foucault’s Discourse on Language
© Éditions Gallimard

In a performative form, on the crossroads between gestures and words, Fanny de Chaillé reappropriates Michel Foucault’s The Discourse on Language, in the published version of the inaugural course he gave at the Collège de France in 1970. Pronounced here in a university amphitheatre, the course becomes the basis for a subjective address questioning the incarnation of a thought. Language as a linguistic code (with its own vocabulary, phonetics and grammar) here becomes a sensitive material, disseminated in specific conditions of announcement tinged with theatricality. Returned to its status as an event, the discourse deconstructs all the better the play of power, mechanisms of control and the struggles that are intrinsic to them. Fanny de Chaillé thus examines the body in action during an academic lecture and reveals the conflict opposing it to reality: if the discourse is the sole means to grasp it, is it not this gesture that also violates it?