Marco Berrettini

Sorry, do the tour. Again!

© Cyril Porchet
© Cyril Porchet

03 > 05.10.19

CN D Pantin

Revived with both former and new performers, Sorry, do the tour. Again! reconnects with the adolescent loves of Marco Berrettini by staging a disco dance marathon, a glamorous meditation about the passing of time while effecting a return to the source of his vocabulary. The cross between a popular dance form and more institutional choreographic vocabulary here produces an effect tending towards self-derision. On a dance floor plunged into an acidic pink light, the ten performers, all bearing numbers, defend their places in the contest to the sound of Donna Summer, Sylvester or the Jackson Five, while mimicking the gestures of their icons. The utterly joyful activation of this collective memory is made as a counterpoint to the exposure of the backstage around the dance floor, revealing the technical, routine labour behind the holding of a show. Freely inspired from John Cassavetes’ film Opening Night and Peter Sloterdijk’s essay Rules for the Human Zoo, the piece conveys a critique which is as institutional as it is societal, mocking the narcissism and competitiveness of the time. The title also regrets the condition of those individuals who are forced to dance, here reduced to the simple rank of consumption objects.