Musicircus, 1967
Musicircus, 1967

28.09.19 — 14:00

CN D Pantin

Musicircus, a score-schema devised by John Cage in 1967, is a performance in which amateur musicians, students or professionals, as soloists or in groups, are invited to play their chosen music in a single space. At the CN D, it will be entirely devoted to the work of the mythical american composer John Cage. Each person will be able to take part in this score by performing one or more pieces. During the six hours of this Musicircus.

The John Cage Trust was set up in 1993 as a non-profit association whose mission was to bring together, organise, conserve, distribute and, in general terms, pursue the work of the American composer John Cage. Its founding board featured Merce Cunningham, the artistic director of the Cunningham Dance Company, Anne d’Harnoncourt, the director of the Philadelphia Museum, and David Vaughan, the archivist of the Cunningham Dance Foundation, who were all long-standing friends and associates of John Cage. Laura Kuhn, who worked closely with John Cage from 1986 to 1992, is the founder and general director of the Trust, which conserves large collections of music, texts and manuscripts. It also hosts huge audio, video and print archives, which are constantly being enriched by new acquisitions, as well as a large permanent collection of John Cage’s visual art, made available for exhibitions all around the world.