Miet Warlop

Fruits of Labor

© Remi Angeli
© Remi Angeli

26 & 27.06.19

Théâtre du Fil de l’eau

A performance-concert, Fruits of Labor occupies a stage which is initially plunged in darkness, on which five performers sing and dance their existential crises over popular rock tunes. Driven on by the energy of despair, they embody anxious speeches in a series of fleeting reflections about the place of religion, the relationship with nature and people, societal psychosis or the complexity of ties with a tradition. Here, Miet Warlop stages the sensitive, fiery exorcism of roadies and musicians, who connect their instruments together to draw a landscape of terror with a psychedelic look. With a metamorphic white cube as its sole scenography, this theater of the fears of the era then becomes the scene for a musical unfurling which is by turn delightful and nihilistic, inviting the public to share these questionings: “Tell me, is this my world? Where do I belong?”

The Belgian artist Miet Warlop lives and works between Ghent, Berlin and Brussels. After receiving an MA in multimedia art from the KASK art school (Ghent), she has elaborated plural performances mingling theater, dance, music and sport, including Mystery Magnet, Big Bears Cry Too or even Ghost Writer and the Broken Hand Break. She has also been the scenographer for pieces by Pieter Genard, Raven Ruell, DitoDito-Jef Lambrecht and Les Ballets C de la B, and has exhibited throughout Europe.