Fernanda Silva

Impossible de violer cette femme pleine de vices

© Helder Fontenele
© Helder Fontenele

24 > 26.06.19

CN D Pantin

For Impossible de violer cette femme pleine de vices, Fernanda Silva, lit by a candle, interprets the third chapter of Virginie Despentes’s King Kong Theory. In this case, the feminist manifesto takes on an embodied meaning, like a cry yelled out against sexism and the violence done to women, all women, especially when, as is the case here, it is performed by a transgender actress.

Fernanda Silva, a Brazilian actress and stage director, runs the Teatro Metáfora group, based in Parnaíba in the state of Piauí at the extreme north of the country. Founded twenty-five years ago, it has since 2005 established itself as a site for active political resistance. She creates and interprets this piece, the text of which was proposed to her by Sonia Sobral, curator in the field of dance and who presents her first creation Involuntários da Pátria (Involontaires de la patrie) as part of Camping 2019.