Miguel Gutierrez

Camping Workshop

24 > 28.06.19

CN D Pantin

A multidisciplinary artist, choreographer, performer and musician, Miguel Gutierrez blurs the boundaries between genres and disciplines as part of an artistic strategy to explore both the conventions of performance and the outlines of contemporary identity. In his colourful shows, such as Last Meadow, which revisits the American imagination, HEAVENS WHAT HAVE I DONE, myend-lesslove, Age & Beauty, DEEP AEROBICS (performed at the CN D in Camping 2017), Cela nous concerne tous (This concerns all of us) for Ballet de Lorraine (2017) and This Bridge Called My Ass (2019), he produces an endless procession of queer bodies defying norms and conventions.

Baby, this is what you came for
Miguel Gutierrez’s work, his improvisation and performance practices are informed by movement, Feldenkrais Method, socio-cultural dynamics, the use of our voices and writing. The workshop will challenge the participants to uncover questions and answers through movement, inverting the conventional proposition that thought comes before action. Gutierrez sees dance as a mode of perceptual inquiry, and he resists defining it as a non-verbal “language” because languages are meant to be understood and he likes that dance defies linguistic comprehension. The participants will see how we can manipulate words and complicate our ideas of what constitutes “communication,” “good improvisation,” “listening” and “development.”

Miguel Gutierrez presents SADONNA – The Brown Ambition Tour on this edition of Camping.