Valérie Mréjen

Camping Workshop

17 > 21.06.19

CN D Pantin

A visual artist, photographer and writer, Valérie Mréjen studied at the École National Supérieure d’Arts of Paris-Cergy. She made her first videos in 1997. Her work mingles different types of told or experienced narratives which she rewrites and rearranges, taking her inspiration from memories, everyday events, the cruel or burlesque details of existence, commonplaces or misunderstandings. Le Jeu de Paume devoted an exhibition to her in 2008, la place de la concorde. She is also the author of several narratives published by Editions Allia (Eau sauvage, 2004, L’agrume, 2001) and P.O.L (Troisième Personne, 2017), scenic objects (Trois hommes verts in 2014 or Mano Rana in collaboration with Dominique Gilliot in 2019), and films (En ville in 2011 or Enfant chéri coproduced with Bertrand Schefer in 2016).

This workshop’s objective is to produce a film at and about Camping: first by defining a working framework, then, in small teams, filming the participants in the workshops and the artists, so as to gather together the materials for a pluralistic film mingling documentary shots and a series of interviews. This film, a portrait of the creative effervescence which is special to Camping, will provide each person with a space to develop and experiment with their own artistic approach.