Nayse López

Camping Workshop

17 > 21.06.19

CN D Pantin

Question everything
“In very confusing times like ours today in Brazil _ but also throughout the world – more and more I believe questions can trigger the creation and be a key tool to gather new ideas. Especially when the so called truth is under siege and became increasingly complex. Questioning the very fabric of reality is our life now.
In that web of perspectives – and lies – how can Brazilian ideas be of help to artists on other paths? What new questions can the Brazilian political and social scenario bring us to? We propose five afternoons of very strange and unpredictable Q&A sessions with me, Brazilian curator and journalist Nayse López, and five invited South American artists. Let us ask each other the craziest questions, even if we have no answer in sight. Asking is still the most basic act of artistic courage.
After doing workshops and residence projects for 18 years I am sure the city itself impacts the ideas circulating. And if we want to question real life, we cannot be sheltered in a studio or gallery, so each session will be hosted in a different place and context. We like saying that we are together in all this. But how together are we?”
Nayse López