Ming Wong
& Yu Cheng-Ta

Camping Workshop

17 > 21.06.19

CN D Pantin

Ming Wong lives and works in Berlin. Born in 1971, he represented Singapore during the 53rd Venice Biennale and won a prize there for Life of Imitation. His work has been presented at the Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art in Beijing, at the Shiseido Gallery in Tokyo, at Redcat Los Angeles, at the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein in Berlin, at the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art in Brisbane, at Performa New York, at the Biennale de Lyon, the Shanghai, Liverpool and Sydney biennales. Ming Wong is interested in cinema and popular culture as a medium for observing the construction of identities that are reproduced and circulated. He presented Tales from the Bamboo Spaceship in 2018 at CN D.
Yu Cheng-Ta (b.1983, Tainan, Taiwan) studied at the Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan. In 2008, he received the 1st place of Taipei Arts Award (TFAM, Taipei) and was awarded the Beacon Prize at Art Fair Tokyo in 2012. He has participated in international exhibitions including: Taipei Biennial, Venice Biennale Taiwan Pavilion, Biennial Cuvée at Linz, International Biennial of Media Art at Melbourne, Queens International at New York, Shanghai Biennale, Berlin International Film Festival. He currently works and lives in Taipei.

Ming Wong and Yu Cheng-Ta are The Watermelon Sisters. They propose to explore the space between virtual and real performance avatars, based on footage found from the internet “Mème”. Participants will think about forming their ‘avatar’ based on found footage from the internet such as viral videos, Cat videos, YouTube Makeup Tutorials, Games footage, by casting themselves in the video reference and by re-interpreting the source as a choreographic and theatrical exercise, introducing variation, repetition and extention.

Watermelon Sisters presents Watermelon Sisters Go Camping in Paris on this edition of Camping.
Participants also undertake to ensure the Watermelon Sisters Go Camping in Paris Party on June 22nd, from 10:00 pm.