Noé Soulier

Portrait de Frédéric Tavernini (working title)

© Marc Domage
© Marc Domage

04 > 06.04.19

CN D Pantin

What do dancers become on aging, and what are all the experiences they have had? On discovering the career of the dancer Frédéric Tavernini, who had worked for Maurice Béjart, Mats Ek, Trisha Brown, William Forsythe, or Angelin Prejlocaj, Noé Soulier wanted to draw up a portrait of him: a personal history in which gestures express the works that had been traversed – marking their accents, points and articulations. Between perception and the signification of movement, Noé Soulier pursues his work of deciphering dance by examining this time the descriptive value of a gesture: can a dancer’s body expose a dance, show it and narrate it, without executing it? As the questions proceed, the gaze is led to reconstitute the memory of these dances, from the signs they have left behind in the flesh of the performer. By following Frédéric Tavernini step by step, Noé Soulier draws up a story revealing the implicit discourse of movement.