Sans Titre, 2014

Xavier Le Roy

Sans Titre © Jamie North Kaldor Public Art Projects
Sans Titre © Jamie North Kaldor Public Art Projects

29.03.19 — 20:30

CN D Pantin

In this three-phase solo, Xavier Le Roy examines the conditions of aesthetic reception and theatrical protocols. Three default approaches (a lecture, a show, a concert) allow him to out-manoeuvre public expectations by operating formal and dramaturgical subtractions which incite the audience to break through the fourth wall and, by doing so, to reconsider the border lines between the public and the stage, reality and fiction, or subjects and objects. Whether it is a matter of memory loss or a lack of visibility, the resulting deficiencies thus initiate situations removing us from a static, passive condition to reach a state of mourning or melancholy, before the disappearance of this theatrical condition. As an answer to this amnesia, a dialogue with the choreographer becomes affirmed as the sole possibility for filling in an absence and transcending the impression of an insurmountable dysfunction. A new liberty over which only the public is in charge.