Produit de circonstances, 1999

Xavier Le Roy

Produit de Circonstance © Katrin Schoof
Produit de Circonstance © Katrin Schoof

21.03.19 — 19:00

CN D Pantin

The twofold education of Xavier Le Roy — in molecular biology and contemporary dance — has often meant that he has attracted the atypical description of a “scientific” dancer. Invited for this reason to present a talk about the relationships between art and science, as part of the Body Currency event at the Vienna Festival in 1998, he took the opportunity to go back over his arrival in the world of dance, while humorously misappropriating university codes of address. His presentation, Produit de circonstances, is a performed autobiography, during which his own body becomes the reflection of a social, political and cultural organisation, whose hierarchies he intends to deconstruct. Sensitive to the influence of systems of control, common to dance studios, the public space as well as scientific laboratories, his embodied discourse acts as a resolutely critical practice which attempts to free itself from the conventions of the spectacle so as redefine the circumstances that make it possible.