Temporary Title, 2015

Xavier Le Roy

Xavier Le Roy Temporary Title © Peter Greig
Xavier Le Roy Temporary Title © Peter Greig

16 & 17.03.19

CN D Pantin

Especially conceived for exhibition spaces, Temporary Title brings together eighteen performers in a community of slow metamorphoses, taking place in an extended space-time, which is recomposed during the choreographic movements and in the perceptions of the audience. Forming a living landscape, mingling the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms, their naked bodies perform a series of actions, some derived from Low Pieces, so as to produce figures which are sometimes recognisable, sometimes indeterminate. Free in terms of their positions, their interactions with the dancers and the length of their experience, the visitors can experience different aesthetic states, ranging from a distant contemplation to an involved encounter with the performers. At the heart of a system in constant transformation, Xavier Le Roy here affirms, perhaps more than ever, his desire to scramble the lines of separation between the human and the non-human, as between the object of a representation and an aesthetic subject.