motors – a rite

In 2014, choreographer Dominique Brun recreated The Rite of Spring, a major 20th-century work choreographed by Nijinsky to music by Stravinsky, drawing on a variety of archives to get as close as possible to what happened when the piece premiered in 1913. Dancer, choreographer and writer Enora Rivière had first-hand experience of dancing the Rite with twenty-nine other dancers. Navigating between narrative and essay, weaving in the memories and words of the other performers – with whom she spoke during her writing process – with more intimate, motor material – A Rite interweaves this major collective and polyphonic experience with an autobiographical point of view that extends the literary work begun with the book ob.scène: récit fictif d'une vie de danseur published by the CND editions in 2013.

Enora Rivière is a dancer, a choreographer and a writer, but also a critic, a researcher, and an audio describer. After studying at the University of Paris 8 and with at the Montpellier CCN, she has been working as a dancer and a playwright with many artists (G. Jobin, D. Brun, M. Monnier, O. de Soto, D. Wampach, O.Dubois...). She has created hybrid projects (both choreographic and literary) – ob.scène, moteur, and manifestement – which question the act of dancing and writing, and develop the notion of choreographic narrative. Based in Montreal since 2018, Enora has been a PhD student in research and creation at UQAM for 4 years. She created le renoncement à la sauce for 25 dance students, she presented her work at the Offta festival and at the Théâtre de la Chapelle, she also was a critic for Le Devoir and has collaborated with several artists. She now writes for Liberté magazine and works with Danse-Cité as a dance audio describer.