In this very personal, playful and poetic text, Georges Appaix evokes his work as he has experienced it throughout his 40-year career, where he has striven to “build performances from scratch with dancers”. This Post-scriptum is a tribute to and a landmark in his life as an artist; Georges Appaix talks about his joys and difficulties, and his role as “a choreographer, although the term is a simplification” that he gradually took on. Following the alphabetization process he has adopted with his company La Liseuse, he analyzes the process and the feelings that it triggers in him. He seems surprised at the homogeneity of his work, as the letters follow one another throughout his life and career in a labored, tentative way, and as he builds his style, and finds a way of being more and more freely himself “on a path starting from a letter to a word, from the body to movement, from stammering to singing, from the randomness of improvisation to intuitions that become choreographic writing”.

Biography Georges Appaix

Born in Marseille in 1953, lefthanded football player Georges Appaix soon discovered boredom, daydreaming and the third voices of popular Italian songs. He holds a diploma from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers, and discovered improvisation and the difficult joys of physical work with Madeleine Chiche, Bernard Misrachi and Odile Duboc. A failed saxophonist, he chooses to listen to John Coltrane instead; an accidental dancer and choreographer, he created a choreographic alphabet with the help of his dancers over the span of 35 years: from A comme Antiquité to Basta, Gauche-Droite, Hypothèses Fragiles, Immédiatement là tout de suite, M. Encore !, Tor­gnoles, Vers un protocole de conversation ? and finally XYZ ou comment parvenir à ses fins, his latest creation.