Ma danse, tout un art !

The CN D has just created a new collection of dance books for children and young adults. The first volume of the collection, Ma danse, tout un art!, wishes to give children some knowledge about the different styles and aesthetics of dance, give them the adequate vocabulary and tools for them to fully understand their own gestures and their dance practice. This book is authored by choreographer Laurence Pagès, and dance historian Sylviane Pagès; with this volume, young dancers will find all the answers to any questions they might have about their practice. The book tackles the basic notions evoked in dance classes as well as the purpose and story behind choreographic gestures in a reader-friendly way for younger readers. Young readers will enjoy the many images, quotations by famous dancers and practical exercises, which connect the experience of reading to their actual practice of the artform. While the book is primarily geared towards children and young adults, their parents and dance educators will also find it of interest as they accompany them in their discovery of dance.