Cahiers de la pédagogie

Practicing and teaching
hip-hop dance

Intended for all hip-hop dancers, amateur or professional, as well as teachers, this publication aims to accompany each one in the exploration of their practice. A veritable toolbox, designed in consultation with dancers, facilitators and hip-hop teachers involved in the field, it offers pedagogical tracks and technical elements, as well as interviews with personalities in the field, practical information and documentary resources. From break to funkstyles, through the relationship to music, without forgetting the battle, this pedagogy booklet highlights the foundations and history of hip-hop, a free dance that combines state of mind, technique and creativity.

Dancer, choreographer, journalist, and former dance inspector at the Ministry of Culture, Odile Cougoule is the author of Enseigner la danse jazz (2007) published by the Centre national de la danse.