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Projet de la matière - Odile Duboc

Created in 1993, the piece Projet de la matière represents for Odile Duboc “an intense, life-changing adventure.”
The choreographer developed an original creation process with a strong emphasis on the experiments of performers: “All of a sudden they were in motion, with organic, accurate movements, in the dynamic memory of the elements I had always tried to share with them.”

The revival of that piece in 2003 gave her the opportunity to question those involved in it: in its creation (choreographer, performers, lighting designer, visual artist, stage designer, composer, wardrobe mistress) and the dancers who joined in 10 years later. This book contains their thoughts, researches and questionings. It unveils the many identities of an iconic piece both in Duboc’s career and in the history of dance in France.

It comes with a DVD featuring the piece Projet de la matière, directed by Laszlo Horvath in 2003.

Julie Perrin is a researcher in the Dance Department of Paris VIII - University of Vincennes Saint-Denis. She wrote her PhD thesis on aestheticism and choreographic studies.
Laszlo Horvath is a documentary filmmaker. He directed Entre deux jardins : le Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier de Jacques Copeau in 1993.