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Ob.scène : récit fictif d'une vie de danseur

What is a dancer’s life? How to tell it?
Through interviews in a dance studio with trained dance performers from different culture and age groups, Enora Rivière pieces together the fictional biography of a dancer. A story of the body and therefore of life where much is said about what we think we know or used to know about dance, about what we hope or once hoped and what it means to spend one’s life dancing…
The key moments and subjects covered in this book include: greeting, appearance on the stage (preparation, ritual), performance, integration into the dance company, the creative process, the artistic calling, training, education, etc.
This literary type of text plays with the multiple and the single – we hear several voices but can always identify individual tones. From these moments of life, stage experiences are recalled, where dancers describe their perceptions and feelings when they are on the set or about to arrive on the scene (ob.scene).

Enora Rivière dances, writes, assists, passes on, and creates dance projects. She has collaborated with many choreographers such as Mathilde Monnier, Gilles Jobin, Olivier Dubois, Dominique Brun, David Wampach, Olga de Soto, Aurélien Richard and Pierre Rigal. She is currently preparing a choreographic performance based on ob.scène