Cahiers de la pédagogie

Grammaire de la notation Laban - cinétographie laban - vol. 3

Created by Rudolf Laban (1879-1958), Kinetography Laban or Labanotation is a movement notation system capable of transcribing all movements of the human body, from the simplest to the most complex. It can be used in many areas: record and transcription of stage dances (ballet scores), mime, ethnic and folk dances, somatic practices (yoga, Feldenkrais, Bartenieff, etc.).

This book gives a broad, detailed and crosscutting perspective on the human movement and its transcription. It is intended for students who want to improve their knowledge of Labanotation and use it for professional purposes. Clear texts supplemented by over 400 explanatory figures, guide them in that process.
This collection, whose first 2 volumes have already been published, is a unique corpus in French for learning Labanotation. It adds to the collection “Cahiers de la pédagogie”, which includes the Grammaires series on the main notation systems used in France: Laban, Benesh and Conté.