“This book is the work of an artist-researcher who does not think without creating works or analysing those of other artists. Starting from Sky, my first solo, and turning towards a poetic network of pieces with which I have certain thematic closeness, I examine the construction of dance margins. My analyses are constructed based on my experience as a spectator, and consolidated by my career as a choreographic artist. I dive into the exercise of writing. The artist-researcher writing here does and does not adopt a distance. He knows, at once, that at the end of the project, be it a thesis, a book or a dance piece, he will only be at the beginning, on a first draft, opening the game. Little by little, he manages to produce an extension of his artistic work, which is neither an explanation nor a justification, but an ex-corpo analysis of the stage, which is vital for him. For, behind these lines, a new dance is already arising, which inhabits and incorporates him.” Volmir Cordeiro

In a poetic, polyphonic language, this work traces out the trajectory of a research artist. Analysing his own work, but also emblematic pieces by the Brazilian artists Luiz de Abreu, Micheline Torres and Marcelo Evelin, the dancer and choreographer Volmir Cordeiro here offers an invitation to a sensitive project in which creation is inextricably linked to his position as a researcher and his view as a spectator.