Media library and collections

Easy to access and open to all, the CN D’s Media library offers a wide range of documents on the art of choreography and dance techniques and practices for users of all kinds.

Whether you’re an amateur, just curious about dance or a researcher, the collections and services of the mediatheque of the Centre National de la Danse are at your disposal. The mediatheque is aimed at a wide range of people, and in particular students, researchers, choreographers and dancers, and teachers and professionals from the cultural sector.
To enable the public to discover the collections of the CN D’s mediatheque, several exhibitions of archives will be organised in the reading room.

General catalogue

This collection contains all of the written and audiovisual documents available for consultation at the mediatheque of the Centre National de la Danse, in parallel with the archive collections and private collections described elsewhere. This international, up to date selection of documents covers the history of dance, different styles, the context and teaching of dance, as well as related disciplines (other arts, medicine of the arts, physical practices, cultural policy, etc.).

Archive inventories

The mediatheque of the Centre National de la Danse has a hundred archive collections documenting the work of choreographers, dancers, teachers, artists, writers and other theoreticians, as well as theatres and performance venues and specialised institutions. The inventories of these collections, which are gradually being published on this portal, will provide a detailed description, as well as numerous digital documents (manuscripts, printed documents, photographs, videos).

Digital mediatheque

More than 180 000 digital documents can be consulted online, including photographs, videos and sound documents.