New collections collected

Anna Sagna collection

Italian dancer and choreographer Anna Sagna (1928-2007) trained in modern dance with Bella Hutter, following the legacy of Mary Wigman, Clothilde and Alexandre Sakharoff. In the early 1970’s Anna Sagna became director of the Bella Hutter school and created the Sutki company, where she developed her choreographic and pedagogical style, combining dance, theatre and mime. The mostly audiovisual archives document her work, some of which have gained international visibility, like Stabat mater (1982) or Due orfanelle (1999), as well as her pedagogy.

Caterina Sagna collection

Dancer and choreographer Caterina Sagna was born in 1961, and she started her career with the Sutki company that was created by her mother Anna Sagna, before working with Joma Uotinen and with Carolyn Carlson from 1980 onwards at the Fenice in Venice and at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris. She developed a personal approach, often inspired by literature, within the various companies she worked with; the first one, Nadir, created in 1987, was programed multiple times in France and Belgium. In 2000 she created the Associazione Compagnia Caterina Sagna (ACCS), which brings together international artists for projects across Europe, and in 2005 she founded NEXT, which will become the Caterina and Carlotta Sagna company in 2009 and is based in France. The collection in the CN D is structured around pieces created between 1988 and 2015, from Lemercier (1988-1989) to Bal en Chine (2013-2015) and is composed of working documents, notes, texts, programs, posters, photos and recordings of shows, as well as documents pertaining to the staging of her pieces and musical recordings.

Laurence Louppe collection

This small collection is devoted to the various activities of theorist, educator, performer and major figure in dance criticism and scholarship Laurence Louppe (1938-2012). The documents date mainly from 1995 to 2005, and are mostly often unpublished written texts, pedagogical documents (some related to the CEFEDEM-Sud d'Aubagne, the training center she created and directed from 2000 onwards), documents related to her public events (lectures conferences and performances). The collection also features additional elements (texts and visual documents) that have been collected throughout her career.