program 2022
CN D x Cité internationale des arts

Following the examination of the applications by a commission composed of qualified personalities and teams from the Cité internationale des arts and the CN D, the residencies were awarded to the following laureates

— Isaura Suélen Tupiniquim Cruz (Brazil)
— Preethi Athreya (India)

— Jasmine Fan (Taiwan)

The "Centre national de la danse x Cité internationale des arts" residency is for choreographers and curators of live performances working and living outside of France. The objective of this residency is to promote the mobility of professionals and to enlarge their network.
For the choreographer, it is an opportunity to make their work known in France and to feed their research. For the curator, it is an opportunity to observe French operating methods in order to put his or her approach into perspective and to discover the French scene.

With this program, the Centre national de la danse and the Cité internationale des arts are committed to supporting the project of each laureate by allowing him/her to benefit from a privileged accompaniment and a three-month residency in Paris and Pantin

All the information and practical questions to read below
(thank you for consulting these elements before submitting your application).

The residency

The winner benefits from :
- A three-month artistic residency, from May to July 2022, at the Cité internationale des arts, in a studio/living space composed of a work space and a furnished living space (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, wifi Internet connection), located in the heart of Paris.
- Studio time/work space at the Centre national de la danse in Pantin, located northeast of Paris.
- Free access to the workshops of the Camping event (13 to 24.06.2022).
- A privileged artistic and professional accompaniment: access to the networks and documentary resources of both partners.

This program includes :
- International transportation to and from Paris, with VISA and travel insurance.
- A living allowance of € 1,000 per month.
- A production grant of € 1,500 (only for the choreographer, not for the curator).
- A time of restitution whose format will be defined according to the project of the laureate (only for the choreographer, does not concern the curator).

Eligibility and selection criteria

To participate in the call for applications, the artist must
- Not be of French nationality and reside outside French territory.
- Be at least 25 years old on the application deadline (6.02.2022).
- Not be older than 35 years old at the application deadline (6.02.2022) (only for the curator, not for the choreographer).
- Proof of professional artistic activity for three years.
- Have already developed one or more choreographic creation projects (only for the choreographer, not for the curator).