Workshops registration

Since we consider the workshop to offer the best insight into an artist’s working method, we believed it important to place workshops at the centre of the event. A workshop consists of a set of five sessions taught Monday to Friday by a guest artist.

17 > 21.06.2019
24 > 28.06.2019

From Monday to Friday
14:00 > 18:00


Enrolling in a Workshop

— Enrolling in a workshop is done online, on the CN D’s website.

— Enrolment in a workshop covers an entire week. A series of workshops lasts for five days, from Monday to Friday, and from 2pm to 6pm.

— When enrolling online, you will be asked to attach a CV and a portrait photo (formatted .jpeg) with your application.


Workshops rates

Workshops (20 hours)
€ 200 / week (individual)

€ 400 / week (if fee covered**)

Workshops (30 hours)
Valérie Mréjen
€ 300 (individual)

€ 600 (if fee covered**)

**If fee covered by training insurance funds or by employer.