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05.02.21 — 14:00

CN D Pantin

« Svadebka Archives | livre numérique »
by Dominique Brun, Ivan Chaumeille, Sophie Jacotot

« Les danses hip hop – outils de transmission »
[“Hip hop dances – tools of transmission”]
by Jessy Ducreux

A description of the steps, figures and movements of hip hop dance, categorised by level and age, in the manner of a “dance treatise”.

« Les archives de Café Müller, Club de Danza »
[“The archives of Café Müller, Club de Danza”]
by Manon Cotte

A programme to safeguard the memory (namely the choreographic, pedagogical, critical and administrative heritage) of the Espacio Café Müller, an emblematic venue for dance experimentation in Buenos Aires.